Our government, public sector and education experience in Hong Kong

Our education and public sector programmes and projects benefit from our broad insights and experience for what makes best practice from across the public and private sectors.

We have worked alongside public sector organisations to deliver iconic landmarks, schools and other public buildings from the community liaison and events stage through construction delivery. Our extensive experience in delivering public sector projects means we bring a rare perspective to these works. We see ourselves not just as builders, but also as enablers of the important activities undertaken by educators, civil servants and students every day. We take our role in creating safe, high-quality environments very seriously. As a result, we emphasise collaboration and shared goals throughout the construction process with the intent of helping public agencies meet both current and future needs.

Key contact

Tim Threlkeld
Managing Director, North Asia tim.threlkeld@isgplc.com
Hades Chung
Commercial Director, Hong Kong hades.chung@isgplc.com


Tim Threldkeld CONTACT 2018  - ISG
  • Tim Threlkeld
  • Managing Director, North Asia
Hades Chung CONTACT 2018 - ISG
  • Hades Chung
  • Commercial Director, Hong Kong
Mark Osborne CONTACT 2018 - ISG
  • Mark Osborne
  • Operations Director, Hong Kong